The archaeological tastings bring to light the base of the old water source that presided over the Plaça de Baix

The works in the Plaça de Baix continue apace and the archaeological tastings have brought to light the base of the old water source that presided over the plaça, until it was demolished in the early 1970s when it was remodeled, changing its appearance even as we know it today.

As the Official Chronicler of the VILLA, Mª Carmen Rico, has published in several newspaper articles, in this square there was always a fountain and there is evidence of the existence of four different ones. The first news is from the early seventeenth century, specifically 1627 when its construction was approved. Almost two centuries later, specifically in 1890, it was replaced by another due to the state of deterioration, and in 1920 another built-in fountain was installed in the wall of the steps of the church, which replaced the one that was located in the center of the square. This disappeared when the stands were modified in the late 1950s. This last source, from which the base has now appeared, was in operation until the early 1970s.

Now, the team of workers, guided by the designs proposed from the city council, intends to recover at least one of those sources. As explained by the councilor for Urbanism, Fernando Portillo, it will be a fountain with three “retractable” type jets so that its use can be made compatible with the activities that this central place hosts. “Except in recent decades, water has been a traditional element in the square and with the new remodeling we want it to return to it,” said the mayor.