During the 19th century and until very gone in of the 20th century, Petrer was a mainly agricultural village. Simultaneously they developed works handmade of pottery, the blacksmiths made the necessary tools for the daily works, and in numerous small workshops shoemakers worked master and apprentices. It did not go until the first-half of the 20th century when it began to develop the industry of the footwear and the leather goods that will go absorbing increasingly hand of work of the traditional jobs, as well as hard-working pertinent of Castile-La Mancha, Murcia and Andalucia, causing a demographic and economic peak in our villa that was conforming his current urban fabric.


Manual refrigerator, Elma brand, from number 4. It is formed by two parts that one inserted into the other: a metal cylinder and a wooden cube, with an empty space between them where the ice was placed. Inside the metal cylinder, the necessary ingredients were mixed to give it flavour, in most cases lemon to make lemonade, which was obtained by moving the crank attached to the lid to achieve a centrifugal movement with which to make the ice-cream slush.

Contemporary period (mid-twentieth century).