The first known settlement in Petrer dates back to the Neolithic period, some 6,500 years ago, with sites such as l'Almorxó, El Chorrillo and Chopo, located along the course of the river Vinalopó. Its inhabitants were farmers and stockbreeders. In the millennia that followed, substantial changes took place that cause a change in the occupation of the territory, society and material culture. In the Bronze Age (II millennium BC), new settlements appeared, distributed throughout the municipality, such as Alt del Perrió, Mirabuenos or Catí-Foradà, among others, where ceramic pots, stone mills, sickle teeth and necklace beads have been found.


Mill and Grinder
Hand mill formed by an active part or model and a passive part or mill itself. The passive one has a barquiform form, being noticed
the deterioration of the same in the part intended for grinding. The grinder has a flat-convex section and the deterioration due to use in the area is also observed.

Bronze Age (II millennium B.C.).
Dimensions: Mill Long: 45 cm; Width: 30.5 cm; Height: 8 cm / Mill Long: 29 cm; Width: 16.5 cm; Height: 7.5 cm.