The traditions are a fundamental element of the cultural heritage. Some examples of the same sound the parties related with the fire like the go fail them announcing the arrival of the kings magicians, or the bonfire of Sant Antoni. The party of Muslims and Christians in honour to Saint Bonifacio, martyr, around the middle of May, are the most multitudinous, in which it commemorates playfully the Christian conquest of Bitrir. In July stands out the party of the Very saint Christ. And in the employer's party of October in honour to the Virgin of the Remedy, stand out “them carasses”, a parade with music and dance of people with masks of cloth painted (carassa) doing jokes to the public.


Spart failure

A recently manufactured esparto torch that retains its origins in the 17th century as part of the traditions linked to fire brought by the Christian repopulation of the village of Petrer. These torches are made on the night before the night of the Kings by the young villagers, who collect the esparto from the surrounding mountains. At dusk, young and old went to the esplanade of the Castle where they began to roll lit, going down in procession to the center of the town. A tradition that, nowadays, continues to develop as it did in the past.

Modern Times (16th century) – Present day.